Video: Popular Bangladeshi actress Parvin Sultana Diti Diagnosed with Brain Tumor | Emergency Surgery in Chennai

Popular film actress from the 80’s Bangladeshi film industry Parvin Sultana Diti has been Diagnosed with Brain Tumor. Director Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar has ensured the news in his facebook status. Diti’s now admitted into Chennai MIOT hospital getting ready for tomorrow’s surgery. Her family told us she suddenly became ill few days ago before the Eid.

Watch the video for More:

Later she was admitted into a hospital in Dhaka, but the doctors insisted to transfer her to Chennai so she caught the next flight to Chennai with her only daughter and Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar. In Chennai MIOT hospital doctors decided to operate her asap. Which is why Diti is getting ready for this life altering surgery tomorrow.

We the WeeklyBD people wish Diti all the best for her operation and Get well soon!

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