Shakib Khan’s Chemistry with Other Actresses | Joya Ahsan, Apu Biswas, Mahiya Mahi and Tisha

Shakib Khan Mahiya Mahi

Shakib Khan with Mahiya Mahi

In Bangladeshi film industry the person who made himself the most successful and highest paid actor, is none other than King Khan Shakib khan. Day by day his fans are growing in number. At the same rate his success increasing. In new characters and with various looks he is surprising his audiences every day.

Shakib Khan Tisha Mental Video

Shakib Khan with Tisha

Few days ago he was busy filming his new movie Mental. His fans reacted very positively when some candid moments with Tisha leaked in Media. Because in all those still pictures they looked awesome.

Shakib Khan Joya Ahsan

Shakib Khan with Joya Ahsan

The dazzling chemistry is not with Tisha only, he looks amazing with another actress Joya Ahsan too. The proof is their superhit Movie Purno Doirgho prem kahini. He also looks very good with new actresses like Mahi and Pori moni.

On the other hand, there is Apu Biswas who looks absolutely stunning with Shakib Khan. That’s why their upcoming movie ‘Rajniti’ is already started to get positive Feedback.

Shakib Khan Apu Biswas

Shakib Khan with Apu Biswas

Recently he said no to Smoking, which will increase his popularity as well.

Shakib Khan says NO to Smoking

Shakib Khan says NO to Smoking

Dear viewers if you are a Shakib khan fan please share your opinion with us. Remember your one opinion no matter how brief it is considered as a contribution for the development of our film industry.

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