Bangladeshi Super Star Shabnur is getting Divorce | Rumor or Truth

For two days Bangladeshi media has been fuzzed with the news of Superstar Shabnur’s Divorce. Though nothing is clear yet but so many online portals are making this a big issue.

Shabnur got engaged with Anik Mahmud on 6 December 2011 and got married on 28 December 2012.  Anik is a businessman. Together they have a son Aijan Nehan.

In 2013 also there was a rumor about Shabnur getting divorce but later it was solved by Shabnur’s clear statement. Right Now Shabnur is in Australia with his son Aijan and his husband Anik is in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi media is passing a very critical time. So many rumors,¬†hearsay and gossip are floated around us.

This is why it is difficult to say which is true which is not.

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