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DX-BALL was one of the most sophisticated Breakout-style game. It is a freeware computer game for the PC. Designed by Michael P. Welch in 1996 it was highly recommended for its smooth 16-bit graphics, highly stylized level designs, a wide array of power-ups, catchy sound effects and few unique game play elements. Those features were never seen before to a breakout clone of its time.

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Reasons to play: The game is very easy. You bounce a ball off a paddle at the bottom hitting different colored blocks on the top of the screen without having the ball fall below the screen. Clearing all the blocks results in completing the level and going to the next. There are 50 levels to complete. There are three neutral, ten positive and five negative power-ups in the game. So you will be excited while playing.

dx ball review

Reasons not to play: As I said before this is a very old game. Right now you have thousands options for video games. The graphics and colorful blocks may not be likable for one.

The last Advice: If you have enough time to play video games WeeklyBD will definitely recommend you to try DX-BALL. And also if you are curious about old classic computer games then DX-BALL is a MUST PLAY for you.

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