Video: What a Kind Gesture! Dipjol Huge Gift for Bishwa Ijtema 2017!

Once again Bangla cinema’s most scary villain, Dipjol has proved what a big hearted person he is in real life!

Which also proves his ability as a actor on screen despite not being the person he usually is in real life! This definitely is the story of the day.

Monowar Hossain has come back to silver screen after a long break and the first thing he did after coming back is to donate 195 buses for the pilgrims of Bishwa Ijtema 2017!

If you are going to Bishwa Ijtema 2017 and ride one of those buses of Dipjol enterprises wont need to pay a penny even if you are travelling to or from Tetulia!

Check out more details of those buses of Dipjol enterprise:

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