15+ Must See Places to Visit in St. Petersburg – FIFA World Cup 2018

Whenever we talk about St Petersburg and its beautiful attractions we tend to talk only about Palace Square, the Hermitage and Nevsky Prospekt.

But in reality there are much more things to see in the northern capital of Russia.

To be honest there are many interesting places in St Petersburg that can not be found in standard guidebooks or on tourist maps.

The best attractions, worth visiting at least once in your life (specially during the FIFA World Cup 2018), are in WeeklyBD’s collection.

And today a local from this beautiful city, Dimitry Galiyulin will help you find the best places to visit in St Petersburg.

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Канонерский остров (Kanonersky island)

one of the most unknown places to visit in St Petersburg, which not everyone seems to interested about.

until 1981, it was not even on the maps. it connects through an underwater tunnel, isolated and living in its rhythm.

From here you can see the stunning view of the Gulf of Finland ships sail very close – it almost seems as you can reach with your hands.

Address: St Petersburg, 198184

Phone: None

Closing Day: None

Смольный собор (Smolny Cathedral)

Perhaps the most popular place to observe the city from a height is St. Isaac’s Cathedral.

I suggest that we climb to the belfry of the Smolny Cathedral, from where the Petrogradsky district, the “Crosses” and, of course, the Neva are clearly visible.

This is the highest viewing platform of the city, besides, being equipped with free binoculars.

The ascent to the cathedral is accompanied by the sounds of Baroque music.

Address: Ploshchad’ Rastrelli, 1, Sankt-Peterburg, 191124

Phone: 8 (812) 577-14-49

Closing Day: None

Стрелка Елагина острова (Yelagin Island)

This is another place where it is easy to get away from chaos of everyday life and enjoy the panorama of the Gulf of Finland.

This place is called arrow of Yelagin Island. It is associated with the long tradition of meeting the white nights.

Beginning of the XX century, people of St. Petersburg started to come here to get the sun. Now this is one of the most romantic places in this city.

Address: St Petersburg, 197374

Phone: None

Closing Day: None

Музей истории религии (Museum of the History of Religion)

In the historic center of St. Petersburg, in a building erected in the 1860s by the architect Albert Kavos, the Museum of the History of Religion is located.

It contains more than 200 thousand exhibits, the most ancient of which date back to the 6th millennium BC.

Here you can find monuments of history and culture of different countries and ages – from Ancient Egypt to the European middle ages to the modern Time.

Address: Pochtamtskaya Ulitsa, 14, Sankt-Peterburg, Leningradskaya Oblast, 190000

Phone: 8 (812) 315-30-80

Closing Day: Wednesday

Петербургский дацан (Datsan Gunzechoinei)

One of the most exotic buildings in St. Petersburg can be seen from a distance even through the density of trees.

For the European, everything in it is amazing: both the shape of the trapezoid, and the bright walls, and rich decor.

For a more complete visit it is more useful to go there during the days of Buddhist festivals, when bright colors and performances are arranged.

Address: Primorskiy Prospekt, 91, Sankt-Peterburg, 197374

Phone: 8 (812) 430-97-40

Closing Day: None

Мастерская Аникушина (Memorial Workshop M.K. Anikushina)

On the Petrograd side there is a “not so usual” museum, which is in the workshop of the Soviet sculptor Konstantin Anikushin.

Visitors are allowed to get acquainted with the creative process from the beginning, to see how the masterpieces are born.

The museum regularly hosts exhibitions, master classes, games and theatrical productions.

Address: Vyazemsky Ln, 8, Sankt-Peterburg, 197022

Phone: 8 (812) 347-49-30

Closing Day: Monday Tuesday Open: Other days (12-18)

Ротонда на Гороховой (Rotunda of St. Petersburg)

Rotunda of St. Petersburg is also known as “The most mystical place of Petersburg”, “the center of the universe” or “the place of power”.

Here informal youth gathered, local psychics and other superstitious citizens arranged pilgrimages.

At the request of the tenants, you can also enter into rotunda and have to pay a fee of 70 rubles, the hours of  the visit is from 18:00 to 23:00.

Address: Gorokhovaya St, 57, Sankt-Peterburg, 190031

Phone: 8 (911) 087-71-42

Closing Day: None Open: Weekends (11-22), other days (6-22)

Мозаичный дворик (The mosaic courtyard)

Among all the courtyards of St. Petersburg, hides a real pearl, shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow.

The mosaic courtyard on the Fontanka shows off the creative range of the artist Vladimir Lubenko.

Together with the students of the Academy of Arts, he turned this unremarkable place into a fairy town that remembers the work of Antoni Gaudi.

Address: Ulitsa Chaykovskogo, 2, Sankt-Peterburg, 191187

Phone: None

Closing Day: None Open: 24/7

Музей уличного искусства (Street Art Museum)

You do not need to wander around the courtyards and abandoned buildings of St. Petersburg to get an idea of street art.

In fact in 2012, the first open-air museum in the country was opened in St. Petersburg.

On the huge site of a former factory, you can enjoy exhibitions of arts, various festivals, concerts, lectures, sports competitions etc -actually they cover every sphere of street life.

Address: Shosse Revolyutsii, 84, Sankt-Peterburg, 195279

Phone: 8 (812) 448-15-93

Closing Day: Monday Open: other days (12-21)

Витебский вокзал (Vitebsky railway station)

Everyone has heard about Harry Potter’s famous 9 ¾ platform, which seems to exist, but in reality its not.

But St. Petersburg’s Vitebsky railway station also has something like that mythical platform to surprise the passengers.

In this station the trains are sent from the second floor.

Platforms are raised above the ground to get to the structure, you need to climb the spiral staircase to catch a train.

In addition, Vitebsky railway station is a monument of the Art Nouveau epoch, which fascinates everybody with its beauty.

In addition there is also its own picture hall, where there are held exhibitions and concerts of classical music.

Address: Zagorodnyy Prospekt, 52, Sankt-Peterburg, 198013

Phone: 8 (800) 775-00-00

Closing Day: None

Арт-кафе «Бродячая собака» (Stray Dog Café)

Cafe “Stray Dog” has existed for more than a hundred years and managed to gain a cult status.

Here all the famous people of the Silver Age loved to gather: Anna Akhmatova, Osip Mandelstam, Constantine Balmont – the list can be continued indefinitely. 

Address: Ital’yanskaya Ulitsa, 4, Sankt-Peterburg, Ленинградская область, 191011

Phone: 8 (812) 312-80-47

Closing Day: None Open: everyday (11.30-23.30)

Каменноостровский театр (Kamennoostrovsky Theater)

Kamenny island until the XX century was an exceptional place for the aristocrats who used to rest there in summer.

Among the mansions soon appeared a wooden theater building named as Kamennoostrovsky Theater.

If you ask me this place is definitely worth seeing and it’s better to visit the production – when there’s dramas going on.

Address: Ploshchad’ Starogo Teatra, 13, Sankt-Peterburg, 197022

Phone: 8 (812) 244-59-04

Парк «Сергиевка» (Park Sergievka)

“Sergievka” – is not among the most popular parks in St. Petersburg simply because there are no fountains, rich palaces or pavilions.

But the main attraction is a stone head, half ingrown into the ground.

The story of her appearance is mysterious, but it is certain that she inspired Pushkin for one of the episodes of Ruslan and Lyudmila.

Address: Oraniyenbaumskoye Shosse, Санкт-Петербург, Leningrad Oblast, 198411

Phone: 8 (812) 242-33-77

Closing Day: None Open: 24/7

Новая Голландия (New Holland Island)

A mysterious island in the heart of the city attracted the attention of all travelers visiting St. Petersburg .

Because of some changes now you can see the Arch of Delamota not only from outside, but also relax on green lawns.

Since August 2016, access has been re-opened there, but the work continues.

In the summer of 2017, the building of the former prison “Butylka” was re-opened. Now there are shops and restaurants.

Address: St Petersburg, 190121

Дворцовая площадь (Palace Square)

Palace Square is the main square of the city, which exceeds the Red Square in Moscow by more than two times in size.

It houses the Winter Palace, the headquarters of the Guards Corps and the General Staff. In Nevsky Prospect, for one walk you will see a lot of attractions, which is very convenient.

The Winter Palace is the former residence of the Romanovs, counting almost a thousand luxurious rooms.

Now the main exposition part of the State Hermitage Museum is located in this building. Every year the museum attracts millions of travelers from children to youth to adults.

How to Go: Located in metro station “Admiralteyskaya” or by bus / trolley. And you can walk on foot, walking along Nevsky Prospekt.

Address: Palace Square, Sankt-Peterburg, 198324

Phone: 8 (812) 380-24-78

The list of the most interesting places to visit in St Petersburg, of course, can be extended indefinitely. But the places i have mentioned above you must visit if you are travelling to Russia during the FIFA world cup 2018. 

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