14th March: This Pi Day means a Lot! | Epic Pi day Celebration

Happy Pi day to all WeeklyBD readers around the world!

Every year on 14th March, mathematicians and math doers around the world celebrate the mathematical constant known as pi, written simply as 3.14.

Pi describes the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, and it represents an infinity of numbers. Super Computers have calculated pi out to 10 trillion digits, but theĀ first 10 digits of Pi go like this: 3.141592653.


This year World Pi day has come with a lot of interests as the day, month and year resembles the first few digits of Pi. Today is 3.14.15 which is also the first 5 digits of Pi. This type of Pi day comes only once in a century!

Humans calculating the full value of Pi since 4000 years. Among all the ancient people first Babylonians figured out the value of Pi roughly 3. Greek mathematician and scientist Archimedes determined that Pi is bigger than 22/7.


But the invention of Pi day much more recent. Larry Shaw, an American physicist at the science museum in San Franciso is credited with creating Pi Day in 1988.

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