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From the beginning I am a die-hard WestAllen fan. So when last year The Flash TV series started to broadcast I was eagerly waiting to see some WestAllen scenes and of course other characters like vibe, Captain Cold, Zoom, Reverse Flash and everything. I have to admit I was not disappointed.
Dr. Wells, Cisco, Joe brought my childhood memories back. The chemistry between Iris and Barry was just over the top. Then Eddie came and you know how Iris changed. I was feeling to leave the show but Dr. Wells, Cisco, Snow, Joe and those beautiful WestAllen scenes made it worth watching.

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Now in season two Barry’s new girl Patty and their forced romantic scenes look even worse than the scenes with Barry and Linda . I don’t know what you guys are thinking but for me it’s looking like little forced. She looks like Barry’s mother but acts like a teenager. May be its because I am just digging WestAllen over others. I know that Barry and Iris will end up together. Because this is true love. They are just made for each other. As Barry said earlier “she is not Iris”. Yes no one can replace Iris.

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And also how come Iris is dealing with her mama drama alone. Shouldn’t Barry be there for her? Barry looks kind of different in this season. This Barry Allen is more like Flash New 52 from Flash comics.

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I know Iris is dealing with so many things right now but shouldn’t Barry need to be with her? It just seems like Barry kind of lost in a maze. It will be great to see some beautiful WestAllen scenes in upcoming Episodes and some genuine sharing and caring with these two. Anyway, I have to say I really liked Jay Garrick and of course my favorite Dr. Wells and Cisco. Also I want to see more Joe and Barry Chit Chat. These two really build up a very beautiful father son relationship.

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Finally, I need to say The Flash TV series is one of the best TV series i have seen in last couple of years. Hats off to the makers and please do justice to WestAllen fans.

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