Watch: Porimoni Talks about her Body in an Interview | Candid Talk

Bangladeshi film actress Porimoni came into the scene when Bangladesh was going through a nationwide search for a cute,sweet face to act in movies. She came at the end and rescued this slowly developing business from going to gutter!

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But can anyone believe that at one stage she was also scared to feature in big screen that too because of her excess body fat! Many think one feature of Porimoni differentiates her from all the other actresses in Dhallywood and thats her voluptuous body and busty bosom! So someone should really ensures Pori that all izz well just keep acting in movies & entertain the fans doing that.


Catch The report on Porimoni’s body Here:

Porimoni’s this way of thinking impressed her fans a lot. To them shes nothing less than Venus! So whatever she utters must be gold. But her personal agent agreed that she needs to work on her diets immediately to resist herself from gaining too much weight like the other heroines of Bangladesh do.

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