Spectre (2015) Movie Review | Does it Hold up Against Casino Royale & Skyfall?

The 24th James Bond film brings us Daniel Craig as 007 hunting down the shadow organization known as “Spectre”. It’s also rumored that this might be the last outing of Daniel Craig as James Bond.

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Stars: Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Léa Seydoux, Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris, Dave Bautista, Monica Bellucci & Ralph Fiennes

Director: Sam Mendes

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Watch 4 What: Outstanding action sequences, supremely shot and crisp editing rank this among the best of all James Bond flicks.

Avoid 4 What: Can you believe that the main antagonist Christoph Waltz was there only for 3 scenes! Even Godzilla had more appearances than than and people complained about it!

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Review: Who doesn’t like great action scenes in a Bond movie? i mean old Bond movies had magnificent fighting scenes but later the new age directors thought lets cut that off and they never realized action is part and parcel of a Bond film! Finally Skyfall director Sam Mendes realized and he gave us mouth watering action scenes in Spectre. Every scene of the movie was shot superbly and it looks amazing whether you watch it in 3D or 2D! Story of the movie seems like the same story we saw in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation but with very few scenes with bad guys. Sam Mendes is an awesome director and the intro scene of Christoph Waltz’s character is nothing less than excellent but he fails to keep up the great work like he did in Skyfall.

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Stars Review: In his last appearance as a Bond, Daniel Craig did an excellent job in Spectre. He may be not be as good as Skyfall but better than Quantum of Solace and on the similar level with Casino Royale. Léa Seydoux as the Bond girl was wonderful throughout the movie, whenever she appeared made the scene more glamorous and sexy. As earlier stated Christoph Waltz is in the movie but only for 3 scenes which leaves you crave for more. A special mention should go to Dave Bautista because he has grown as an actor and looks far more comfortable than his other films. So leaving the WWE wasn’t a bad decision after all. Ben Whishaw, Monica Bellucci & Ralph Fiennes did there part considerably well.

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