[SOLVED] C drive shows FULL when it is Not!

Few Days ago we receive a question through our mail and that was like “My C drive is about 120GB. The combined total of all the visible folders in the root directory of my C drive is 16Gb (including the Windows folder), but my system tells me that I have only 1.13Gb of free space. I haven’t installed any Programs and Updates. What can I do?”

Now many will say, that guy maybe hasn’t formatted his computer properly which can be a reason but for this case it isnt! We always tend to look for tough solutions or problems but sometimes we ignore the easier ones!

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Today ill show you how to get rid of bloody c drive which can happen to any computers or laptops. This process will take maximum 3/4 minutes to complete so dont get bored or tired just check out the video below!

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If you dont like to follow texts to remove your Facebook page then you can always watch this video:

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