How to Create a Smart and Short URL Like (Screenshots)

Luukas from Finland has mailed me to know about url shortening or how to use url shortener to get a professional url like or Thank you Luukas for your request!

Interestingly there is a very easy way to do this using the most popular url shortening site In fact it wouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to learn this easy but very useful tip.

I’ll show the whole process with enough screenshots so that you don’t have problems following me!

Step 1


Open any browser and go to And here comes the site we use to shorten our boring ass urls! LOL

You can shorten any urls or links without signing up too but we want our urls to be smart and pro looking!

So click on the top right button called signup!

Step 2


And then will give you a box to fill with our information. Give a username, email address and password and you’re good to go!

Step 3


We are almost done and only 1 min has gone! After signing up with your correct info would welcome you with a heart warming message! (im kidding!)

Step 4


Before entering into realm of bitly i would suggest to verify the mail have sent to your mail address.

Step 5


Close the message and click on the top right button called “create bitlink”

Step 6


Another box should pop up and there you can put any links you want to shrink and click Create.

For example, here I’m using YouTube.

Step 7


Now we are at the most important stage where all the works are done!

After shortening your boring and dumb looking long url you can see there’s option called customize! Click on that and BOOM, you can write whatever extension you want!

Then of course the extension should be available to own. Most of the unique names are gone but you can still choose a great name to suit your necessity.


Example: After shortening my url returned with some *bsh^ahgs…* but i want my url to look smart.

So I tried to add youtube but its not available. So i worked my brain a little and came up with youtubevids2016 which is still a cool extension than *bsh^ahgs…*

This is how easily you, me, anyone can shorten urls without spending a sweat!

Bitly url shortener Pros

  • The long, boring urls get shrinked and look like professional urls!
  • Free link analytics through which you can track how your links are fairing
  • Free insights on your performance
  • Using the tools you can optimize your marketing efforts to better fit your audience needs.
  • This is an one time job, shorten the url, share and you’re done! if the url is smart people can remember and track back

Bitly url shortener Cons

To be absolutely frank there isn’t any negative side of bitly at least i haven’t found one! If you can Most Welcome!

Although i would like to have a monetization platform on bitly which will make it the ONE to follow and promote!

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