Video: Many Believe wife Samira Huq behind Salman Shah Death Mystery!


The Legend of Salman Shah

Salman Shah was one of the most famous superstars in mid 90’s. In fact he was congratulated by Shahrukh Khan and his wife Gauri for his work in various films.

All the film industries in Indian sub continent went through a massive change in late 80’s to 90’s.

Because most of the senior actors were getting old and viewers particularly were not happy seeing the same faces everywhere.


So directors and producers took a strong stand to change the dynamics and that’s how we got stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan.

Bangladesh weren’t far away from these changes and Salman Shah came into the scene.

He appeared in a time when producers were losing money and good directors steadily were fading away!

Salman wasn’t a one film or two film star. He came to win and won a lot more than the investors expected.


Among his 27 movies, 18 were blockbusters and other 9 made average money but didn’t lose any.

Salman Shah wife Samira Huq

Salman Shah and Samira Huq tied the knot long before Salman made his name on silver screen.

On 12th August 1992, this young couple got married at the age of 21!


Both Salman and Samira had known each other from their childhood.

Salman Shah was Killed or committed Suicide??

One fine morning of 1996, news broke out Bangladeshi superstar and fans most favorite hero Salman Shah has committed suicide.

Many of his hardcore fans couldn’t take the news and 3 persons committed suicide in consequence.

Check out to know what fans of Salman Shah believe about his sudden demise:

Those who lived didn’t believe their super hero could suicide. So they including Salman’s mother filed a murder case against Salman’s wife Samira Huq and multiple unknown persons.

Fans still think Samira Huq Behind of everything!

Salman Shah Murder case is surprisingly still going on and Salman’s mother still believes that Samira is behind the murder of Salman.

In these 20 years, Samira Huq hasn’t opened her mouth once and currently resides outside of the country.

Samira has married again and has 2 kids in her latest household.


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