Full Video: Pori Moni Becomes Sunny Leone in Pori! | Dana kata Pori Review & Reaction

Remember the song which hit the internet a few months back starring porn star Sunny Leone?? Yeah you guessed it right, we are talking about Kanika Kapoor’s Super Girl From China Feat Sunny Leone! The same song with different lyrics has been sung by Kanika Kapoor but this time for Pori Moni’s new item number Pori.


Check out Pori Full Video Song feat Pori Moni & Kanika Kapoor here:

Things you need to Know about the Song and movie Rokto:

Song : Pori
Film : Rokto
Starring: Roshan, Pori Moni, Ashish Vidyarthi & Others.
Singer : Kanika Kapoor & Akassh
Composer : Akassh


Lyricist : Priyo Chattopadhyay
Directed by : Sumon
Editor: Touhid Hossain Chowdhury
Choreographer : Baba Yadav
Cinematography : Saiful Shaheen
Produced and Distributed by – Jaaz Multimedia


Pori Full Video Song feat Pori Moni Reaction: Pori Moni has a great body no doubt but the producers should realize shes not fit enough to dance in a quirky number like this! I hope she didnt break any bones or limbs in the making!

Pori Full Video Song feat Pori Moni Review: Pori Moni has danced in a lot of item songs already, in fact she rose to her fame with a item number few years ago. But this item song Dana Kata Pori is totally different from her early works. Some may say this is her best yet. Kanika Kapoor composed the song Super Girl From China feat Sunny and she sang this Bengali version as well so this is not a copied song rather a remake. Super Girl From China was strong in lyrics and quality but the lyrics of Pori seems almost like a forced one! I have never considered Pori Moni as a good dancer and still not but she has definitely danced well than her previous numbers! The singing of Kanika Kapoor didnt seem convincing and feels like she struggled a lot speaking Bengali language that also in a song! But for the effort kudos to her!


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