25+ Nikita Chandak Spicy Photos and Videos | Miss World Nepal 2017

Back in June when Nikita Chandak won the title of Miss Nepal 2017 defeating Niti Shah, not everyone in Nepal was amused by the decision.

But Nikita’s positive attitude, humanitarian works and kindness has won them over in last few months.

Now everyone agrees only Nikita Chandak should represent Nepal, no one else. 

Currently working as a model, Nikita has ambitions to become an actor.

She enjoys singing and dancing and has a special talent in performing.

Her favourite book is ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. Since becoming Miss Nepal, Nikita has been involved in various campaigns to raise awareness for climate change and human trafficking.

Age (in 2017): 21

Height: 167

Occupation: Model

languages: Nepali, English, Hindi

Personal Motto: ‘Believe in the beauty of the journey the world has set for you.’

Now Check out 25+ hot photos of Miss World Nepal 2017 Nikita Chandak:

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