Must READ: 5 Things to do During an Earthquake

A huge earthquake almost imminent on Bangladesh as the 5 faulty lines of the country are interconnected with the Nepal earthquake. So are we really prepared to face & recover from a high magnitude earthquake? The answer maybe no but certain rules can be followed to reduce the devastation. We have listed 5 prime what to methods during an earthquake:

1. If you are home and suddenly the building shaking up,

Find some place to hide under, specially under the bed & tables and then hold on until the quake stops.


2. If you are outside in the street try to avoid high rise buildings, walls, power poles and then run towards open places.

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3. If youre driving during a quake, stop in a safe place,turn on the hazard lights & stay inside the vehicle.


4. If you use a wheel chair put the brakes on and protect your head with your arms.

5. If you are in mid of a crowded place duck under seats or tables or cover your head with your arms.

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