Miss World 2017 Format Explained | How to Vote for your Country?

Like every year Miss World 2017 has also created a lot of buzz around the world.

But there are some exciting changes to keep the contestants on their toes and to keep audiences around the world on the edge of their seat. 

This year, Miss World combines some of the more traditional elements of the competition with a new and innovative series the “Head to Head Challenge”

But What are the Challenges?

As has been the case for the past several years, Miss World will conduct a series of Fast Track Events throughout the 4 weeks that the contestants are present.

Winning a Fast Track means a place in the Top 40! These will consist of:

Multimedia– A chance for contestants to show off their social media skills, their ability to promote and market themselves and the Miss World brand, and their presentation skills.


Contestants will utilize their official Facebook Pages, official Twitter accounts, and the recently introduced MobStar App to garner attention from around the world.

Talent– From magic to dance and singing to violin, the Miss World Talent competition is a cornerstone of the Miss World Festival.

Contestants will audition for our esteemed talent judges for a chance to win the Talent Fast Track and may even perform at the Miss World Final.

Top Model– A new format for the Miss World Top Model competition!

We will be on the search for the ambassador of an advertising campaign.

A top photographer will photograph our contestants and they will be judged on their ability to represent a brand.

Sports– Past editions of Miss World have had the contestants running, swimming, jumping, crunching, throwing, kicking, and so much more.

The women’s physical abilities will be pushed to the limits through a series of individual and group physical competitions.

The contestants must be prepared for anything and everything.

Beauty with a Purpose– The Fast Track event that needs no introduction.

Beauty with a Purpose has raised over 1 billion dollars for charities around the world.

Contestants will each present their unique charitable projects through a video presentation to a panel VIP judges.

The most innovative and impactful projects will be featured and the best project given the final Fast Track Spot.

What is the Head to Head Challenge?

At the start of the Miss World festival, the official draw will take place and this will divide the contestants into 20 groups.

These 20 groups will appear in 20, 30 minute broadcasts as a chance to share their stories with the world.

After each contestant’s introduction, a series of questions will take place, as well as a greater insight into the Miss World festival with interviews, behind the scenes footage, and more!

At the end of each episode, the public will be asked to vote for the contestant that impressed them the most and the contestant who receives the most votes will advance directly to the Final 40 of Miss World.

The presenter will open the vote to the public during each broadcast.

So how can you support your favourite Miss World contestant?

1. The Miss World People’s Choice

Voting begins on November 1st through the Miss World website. This will allow the world to better get to know our contestants before casting their official votes for the Miss World People’s Choice.

2. The Multimedia Fast Track

Starting on October 1st you can like, share, comment and more on the various official channels of your favourite Miss World Contestant- Twitter, Facebook, and MobStar. All interactions will be considered when determining the winner of this award, so start engaging now!

3. The Head to Head Challenge

During each Head to Head Challenge, viewers will be prompted to vote for one of the 6 contestants featured in the episode.

There are three ways to vote:

1. Voting on the Miss World Website

2. Liking the Official Facebook Page of the Contestant

3. Following and Liking on the Official Contestant MobStar account

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