Exclusive: Mahiya Mahi Suddenly Excepted from 2 Jaaz Multimedia Movies | Audio News

Jaaz Multimedia suddenly has deducted Mahiya Mahi from their next 2 ventures. Mahiya Mahi has starred in all films under the banner of Jaaz multimedia till now, but now it seems like this scenario is going to change.

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Interestingly in both those movies Mahi was the first choice for the main protagonist role, but this sudden change of decision has raised a lot of questions. One of those movies will be a big budget joint production with Calcutta starring Tollywood star Ankush Hazra and a debutant actress with him.

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The movie will be called “Premi o Premi” and will be directed by famous Tollywood director Raj Chakroborty. Another movie called “Picnic” has also excluded Mahi from strarring opposite to Shakib Khan. This movie will now be acted by Boby and directed by Boby’s real life husband Iftekhar Chowdhury.

Now Hear the news in MP3 format if you are unable to read the whole news:

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