Jamal from Huddersfield – Know This Poor Kid’s Story + Sad Viral Video

Jamal, a Syrian refugee kid and his family escaped certain death in Syria and came to UK for safety and to stay away from the fake war created by the western front!

But what did they receive in return? Bullying and insults from a section of people in the local community!

But it wasn’t known to the world until a bully (unfortunately who’s also a student) known as Bailey Mclaren assaulted and humiliated Jamal in front of many students of Jamal’s school at Huddersfield and uploaded the video online!

Although the bully didn’t know what was coming to him! Every person whoever has seen the sad disturbing video has agreed to support Jamal and promised him justice will be served and that bully will be dealt with according to the law!

You can check the Full video here:

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