How to Create Subdomain in Godaddy and Install WordPress!

It may be a easy work to do but lot of people dont know how to create a subdomain in Godaddy cpanel and install wordpress on that subdomain. In today’s tutorial ill show you how to create a subdomain of a domain in godaddy and install wordpress on that subdomain.

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At first log into your godaddy account then click on manage beside the hosting account. Then scroll down to select the option subdomains under domains. Now we are at the main page to create a subdomain. Write down your desired subdomain name in the first blank space. Then select the domain for which you are creating a sub. Godaddy cpanel will automatically create a document root for your subdomain. Then click on create. We have successfully created the subdomain. Now we need to go back to the homepage to install wordpress in the subdomain. You can find wordpress under web applications in the homepage. Click on that and reach into the installation page. Click on install this application and select the subdomain you have just created. Keeping blog as a directory is optional so I would rather remove it . then write wp admin username & pw as you wish or you can keep the default one too. But don’t 4get to copy and save them somewhere safe. Then scroll down bottom of the page and click install. It will take some moments to install and your newly created subdomain is ready to go. Lets check if the subdomain is really working or not and see its working. This is how easily one can create a subdomain with godaddy and install wp afterwards. Point to be noted that one can create 100 subdomains with each domain in gd.

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If you dont like text tutorials to follow then you can always check out the video tutorial on the same subject:

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