How to Cashout or Payout from in 1 Minute | Payment Proof & Video

Hello guys welcome to another weekly tutorial on popcash. In this tutorial i’ll show u how to cashout easily from popcash.  To cashout or do to any sorts of work with popcash we need to login at first.

The following video also shows the same procedure but people who dont like to learn something watching videos please keep reading the tutorial.

After login into popcash we can see we have reached the payment threshold of 10 dollars in popcash. People who dont why i said this because Popcash has a cashout limit of 10 dollars.


Now we need to click on billing tab which is located on the left sidebar under referrals tab.


In the billing page we can see there are 2 buttons one is for depositing money for advertisement purpose another one is cashout which we are gonna use.


After reaching the cashout page we can see bunch of things written about the payment which we don’t really need to read cause popcash does pay inside 24 hours and that’s from my experience. Now we need to write down the cashout amount which is 10 dollars in my case and then most important thing is we need to mention our payout account which can be paypal, payza or paxum. I mean any of them and in the last step we have to select our payment processor which I already talked about.


Now that’s how easy it is to cashout or payout from popcash. We will talk more about popcash in our next tutorials. And to support my channel please don’t forget to like, share and subscribe my channel. Till our next meeting chow.

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