Guddu Ki Gun Movie Review | 30th October 2015


Guddu Ki Gun Movie Review scenes

Stars: Kunal Kemmu, Payel Sarkar, Aparna Sharma, Sumeet Vyas

Director: Shantanu Ray Chhibber & Sheershak Anand

Watch 4 What: It is an adult comedy and the film unpretentiously and unabashedly stays true to its genre. It never fails to make you laugh!

Avoid 4 What: The songs killed the movie, they were totally unnecessary.

Kunal Kemmu in Guddu Ki Gun

Kunal Kemmu in Guddu Ki Gun

Review: You already knew from the trailer that it would be filled with meaningless, illogical, double meaning dialogues and cheesy scenes. So the film abides, it gives you exact storyline that you perceived from the trailers and posters. A young person name Guddu good at sex with aunties but one day his man part changes into a gold bar, now people try to chase him or find him to his gold. This is the story i expected before i went to the theater and i wasnt disappointed. Infact i enjoyed it a lot, since Delhi Belly, Guddu Ki Gun has all the potential to be another successful adult comedy in Bollywood.

Guddu Ki Gun Movie Review (2)

Stars Review: Kunal Kemmu did an excellent job considering the silliness of the movie. He has a good comic timing (Dhol, Golmaal, Go Goa Gone) but the film doesnt let him to showcase his talent. As a sidekick of Kunal, Sumeet Vyas did a phenomenal job. The leading ladies Payel Sarkar & Aparna Sharma did their parts well.

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