Exclusive: Why Garbage like Shaandaar are Made- KKR Explains!

Kamaal Rashid Khan aka KKR is known to be the most straight forward person in Bollywood which is why hes perhaps the most hated person too! Couple of years ago he started reviewing latest movies and predicting their boxoffice fate. Recently he watch Shaandaar and was disgusted watching the movie. So he explained why films like Shaandaar are made wasting sacks of money!

Alia Bhatt Shaandaar Hot bikini scene

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The business of Shaandaar till date is as follows:

Thursday – 11,75,00,000

Friday – 7,00,00,000

Saturday – 6,50,00,000

Sunday – 5,25,00,000

Monday – 1,85,00,000

Tuesday – 1,65,00,000

Wednesday – 1,00,00,000

TOTAL – 35,00,00,000

Budget of Shaandaar – 80,00,00,000

Prediction: BIGGEST FLOP

Alia Bhatt Shaandaar Hot Pics

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