Exclusive Video Song: Tor Aashiqui | Aashiqui ft Ankush, Nusraat Faria | Bollywood Vodka in a Bengali Bottle

Magnificent location, tidy camerawork, lame expressions & worst possible lyrics these all sums up the latest released video song from Nusraat Faria & Ankush’s movie Aashiqui! The mango people who’r still in dark about the new name of the movie can be told now that they have suddenly exempted the name Premi o Premi. So Premi o Premi became Aashiqui and dont confuse it with the Bollywood aashiqui even though it spell, pronounce and sounds same!

tor aashiqui ft nusraat faria, ankush

Lets get back to the music video for now. The casts & crew of the movie stayed over a month in Wales to shoot the movie and songs. Specially for this song they practiced over 3 days to get it perfect!

tor aashiqui ft nusraat faria, ankush pic 2

Watching the song there wont be any doubts that Choreographer Adil Sheikh did a strenuous job for all the funky moves shown in this video but we are quite sure that he didnt understand a single word penned by lyricist Prasen! Because the moves just dont go with the song & its over the top lyrics.

tor aashiqui ft nusraat faria, ankush pic 3

The music has composed by Savvy and the singing was done by Jubeen Nautiyal and both of them did an average job. Special mentions for 2 background dancers who did quite good considering the half done choreography.

tor aashiqui ft nusraat faria, ankush pic 5

Nusraat Faria Mazhar as usual did an expressionless job while Ankush was good in doing a b-grade job.

Watch The Video song Tor Aashiqui ft Ankush, Nusraat Faria from the movie Aashiqui Here:


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