Exclusive: Parambrata’s Bangladeshi Film Voyangkor Sundor’s Teaser Released | Animesh Aich

Famous TV drama & Tele movie director Animesh Aich signed Calcutta’s most celebrated contemporary actor Parambrata Chatterjee for his debut film on big screen. So it was already destined to be big after this huge collaboration and latest teaser promises to be a treat too!

Bhoyonkor shundor teaser released 2

When they presented the movie before the press few months ago every person was asking the same question why its called Voyangkor Sundor? So the ‘not to extrovert’ director said calmly wait for the film to release and then justify why the name! Today from an unofficial source the teaser of the movie has been released and its too hard to get a thing of two from this teaser to understand!

Lets watch the teaser of the movie Bhoyongkor Sundor without further ado:

Although not a single thing can be understood because of a crappy loud background music but it can be seen clearly that a typical Animesh Aich’ish thriller drama wont be too much to hope for. So better wait for the movie & judge then!

Bhoyonkor shundor teaser released 3

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