Exclusive: Char Deyaler Kamrate ft Symon, Moushumi Hamid | Song Stolen from Dhoom | Black Money (2015) Bengali Movie

We are in 2015 but Bangladeshi filmmakers still cant get enough of Bollywood movies and their songs! Even in this era they copy paste stories & songs from Indian films. Another shameless instance of that can be found in a new Bangladeshi movie called Black Money.

char deyaler kamrate 4

Few days ago the makers of this movie released a new song called Char Deyaler Kamrate in their youtube channel. After listening to this song anyone can guess that it’s copied from a song called Shikdum from the first installment of Dhoom series! The music of this song was composed by Shouquat Ali Emon. (Only he knows what he did!)

Watch the song Char Deyaler Kamrate ft Symon, Moushumi Hamid Here and judge yourself:

Lets talk about the video now. Although the video isn’t copied from Bollywood movies but the style and wardrobe of the female actress clearly indicates that it represents Katrina Kaif’s zara zara touch me from Race or Sunny Leone’s Yeh Kasoor Mera Hai from Jism 2.

char deyaler kamrate 2

But the problem is Moushumi Hamid looks vulgar not sexy in this Deshi version. As usual the male actor in this song wears lipstick & behaves like a gross bisexual rather than a hunk.

char deyaler kamrate 1

Also the lyrics of the song isn’t catchy or romantic by any means. Its more like a piece of crap you never tend to hear again! The lyrics were penned by famous lyricist Kabir Bakul. some of the lines of the song goes like this:

char deyaler kamrate 7

চার দেয়ালের কামরাতে পারবি না কি সামলাতে

মনের সাথে মন মিলা, হোক না সুখের প্রেমলীলা

ভুল দরজায় টোকা দিলে পাবি না সাড়া

যেতে দে না আজ আমাকে আছে যে তাড়া!!!

Touch me touch me touch me

love me love me love me Tonight!!!

char deyaler kamrate 3

Song: Char Deyaler Kamrate
Singers: Lemis & Saimon
Music: Shouquat Ali Emon
Lyrics: Kabir Bakul
Starring: Symon & Moushumi Hamid
Production: Movie Planet Multimedia
Direction: Shafi Uddin Shafi
Music Label: Tiger Media

char deyaler kamrate 6

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