Even Busy Dhaka Streets can be Decorated with Pigeons | Beautiful Pigeons in the Street

These images are directly from Kremlin, Moscow where pigeons are moving at their will. No one tries to disturb them instead lot try to feed these beautiful creatures bird foods! Not only Moscow but other mega cities of the world have taken initiative to fill up their street with trees, pigeons and other types of birds. Even busy Dhaka streets can be reformed with pigeons or trees, we just need some strong feet to come forward.


Some may think its only for the beautification of the streets but a research has shown that pigeons in the streets relax travelers and boost them mentally. It also can be a good way of being solvent financially.


In developed nations some people have made their fortune by nurturing and selling pigeons. Recently a news came out in a newspaper that a entrepreneur in Bangladesh has become millionaire through pigeon farms.

Watch the following video to know more about Pigeons farming and street beautification:

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