Dr Zoom REVEALED in The Flash! | Warning: Spoilers!

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The Flash Season 2 Episode 6 was a thrilling one and its safe to say was the best episode so far in this season. Action, drama, tragedy, romance , friendship everything were there just like a pure Shakespeare drama! And last 15 minutes of 6th episode can compete with any episodes from the first season.

Zoom , the most dangerous, grievous baddie has arrived in “The Flash” and believe us he made a monstrous entry. His voice, movement, action and ability can make anyone scared to death. Not only children and teenagers but also adults got afraid by his evil appearance.

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We have to give the full credit to the makers because they did full justice with Zoom’s outlook. The last act of the episode was filled with goosebumps and Easter eggs!

At last we saw that flash lost his power and more sadly feelings of his legs. Which means next couple of episodes we may have to watch The Flash aka Barry Allen in a wheel chair, which is heart rendering for Barry Allen lovers but that also presents the possibility of Wally West appearance aka the fastest speedster in the comics!

Anyway we have some theories who may be Dr ZOOM in Flash and lets see who he really is!

The Flash Dr Zoom Revealed

  1. Eobard Thawne-

Eobard Thawne is dead in Earth one but he could be alive in Earth two or three or any earth. If he is alive then he will be back to kill Barry. Also his body structure matches with Zoom in mask.

who is Zoom REVEALED WeeklyBD.com

  1. Henry Allen-

This must be the only person among 3 we are giving more emphasis of being Dr Zoom. You know the reason why? It’s because the character of Henry Allen looks fishy in this Season. Why Harrison Wells acknowledged that he is guilty for Barry’s mother’s death? There must be a reason and the way Henry Allen went away, it looked not okay at least to us! May be he is up to something.

The Flash Dr Zoom Revealed WeeklyBD

It also shows in the episode that On Earth 2 Oliver Queen died on the boat. Robert Queen become the Green Arrow. It indicates clearly that Henry Allen may be the face behind Zoom we know.

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  1. Someone new probably related with Wally west-

Some references related to Flash Comics tell us somehow Zoom is connected with wally west. So there must be a possibility to see someone new.

Anyway you are most welcome to share your thoughts , fan fictions and what not in WeeklyBD.com. We always greet new thoughts, logical thinking with open arms.

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