DDLJ ends its Record Breaking 1009 weeks run on Thursday!

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge relatively known as “The Brave-Hearted Will Take The Bride” ends its record breaking 1009 weeks or 20 years run at a stretch on thursday last week.


This iconic Bollywood movie released in 1995 and since then it was running in a movie theater called “Marathi Mandir” at Mumbai for 20 years without a day drop.



The movie became one of the most-loved of all Bollywood blockbusters and Marathi Mandir continued to attract repeat audiences, with many fans coming back again and again.


But after last year’s celebration of 1,000-week landmark, screenings were moved to a different time and collections dropped off, according to Mumbai’s DNA newspaper.


Both the actors Shahrukh and Kajol were relatively unknown when the film was released, but are now household names in Indian movie industry. Shahrukh Khan presently one of the most famous actors in Bollywood and Kajol also similarly popular whenever she does a movie or commercial.

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