10 Best Black Friday Phone Deals in Nigeria 2017 | Upto 60% Off!

With Black Friday only a few days away, most sites have released their deals. To stay ahead we have brought you 10 Best Black Friday Phone Deals in Nigeria during Black Friday 2017!

10 Best Black Friday Phone Deals in Nigeria for 2017

Without further ado here are the phone deals that you CANNOT miss this year.

All the phones from the list are already available to grab, but to stay safe and secure one of these it’s better order right now.

As it’s already been told by the retailers due to high demand not everyone gonna get a hold of these but if you start early there’s possibility to get one!

Infinix Smart X5010

The Infinix Smart X5010 is one the hottest cakes in this year’s Black Friday.

This 5 inch mobile phone offers you a blazing fast 3G network capacity, 3060mAh battery capacity, an 8MP Camera and a Quad-Core processor!

Believe it or not even the previous price was way too lower for a phone With 16GB internal memory (which is expandable to 32GB externally) and 1GB RAM!

And with Black Friday in effect the price decreases more and this phone becomes such a catch!

Sale Price: Starting at ₦ 29,000

Original Price: Starting at ₦ 35,000

Get this Deal: Infinix Smart X5010

But if you want to spend a little more than you can definitely go for Infinix Hot 5 Lite (better camera and performance) or even Infinix Hot 5 (better everything)!

Sale Price: Starting at ₦ 29,500

Original Price: Starting at ₦ 35,000

Get this Deal: Infinix Hot 5 Lite

But you need to add about 500 Naira for Infinix Hot 5 Lite and 5000 Naira for Infinix Hot 5!

Sale Price: Starting at ₦ 34,500

Original Price: Starting at ₦ 38,000

Get this Deal: Infinix Hot 5

Oukitel k10000 Pro

Who doesn’t want a mobile phone which will go on and on without external power supply or power banks? Yes this dream has come true, thanks to Oukitel K10000 Pro which boasts off its massive 10000mah battery capacity along with Octa core processor and 32GB internal memory!

The backside of the phone is made out of Australian calf leather resulting an unique experience for its beholder! 

Oukitel K10000 sports a 13MP camera and a 5MP camera on the back and front respectively. This phone also features 5.5 inch 5-point-touch FHD display, rear-facing fingerprint sensor and smart gestures! 

Sale Price: Starting at ₦ 63,500

Original Price: Starting at ₦ 82,000

Get this Deal: Oukitel K10000 Pro

If you want to buy a more capable phone then you can go with Oukitel K6000 Plus boasting 4GB RAM along with 64GB internal memory but funnily with a much lesser price than K10000!

You can also buy a similar phone as Oukitel K10000 Pro which is also known as Oukitel K6000 Pro but you have to sacrifice the huge battery capacity K10000 Provides.

If You Still want to own a K10000 but couldn’t gather the total of K10000 Pro you can still buy a Oukitel K10000 with 2GB RAM and 16GB memory.

Sale Price: Starting at ₦ 43,500

Original Price: Starting at ₦ 54,500

Get this Deal: Oukitel K10000

Samsung Galaxy S8

Not about the list of best black friday phone deals in Nigeria but considering all aspects experts say, this is the best phone Samsung has ever produced!

To respect the opinion coming Black Friday Samsung along with the retailers have decided to decrease its price exponentially!

With a huge 20% discount Samsung Galaxy S8 is already being sold like hotcakes.

This magnificent piece of art features an amazing 5.8-inch Super AMOLED Display and a super fast smartphone camera.

Sale Price: Starting at ₦ 199000

Original Price: Starting at ₦ 230000

Get this Deal: Samsung Galaxy S8

If you want a bigger screen you can opt for Samsung Galaxy S8+ but for that you have to spend a little more than you think!

Sale Price: Starting at ₦ 235,000

Original Price: Starting at ₦ 275,000

Get this Deal: Samsung Galaxy S8+

Samsung Galaxy A8

If you are looking for a heavily discounted Samsung phone then Samsung Galaxy A8 should be your go to device!

Simply because only for Black Friday the price of this android phone has gone down 35%!

With a healthy battery capacity of 3300mah this beautiful device features a 16MP camera and a 8MP camera on the back and front respectively. 

Samsung Galaxy A8 also sports octa-core processor, 32GB internal memory and 3GB RAM!

Sale Price: Starting at ₦ 99,500

Original Price: Starting at ₦ 155,000

Get this Deal: Samsung Galaxy A8

iPhone 8

This may not be the most budget friendly phone out here but iPhone lovers always wait for Black Fridays to appear and grab one of these beautiful devices!

With an amazing 4.7-inch Retina HD display and Hexa-core CPU iPhone 8 is still one of the best smartphones out there!

Sale Price: Starting at ₦ 269,000

Original Price: Starting at ₦ 325,000

Get this Deal: iPhone 8

But if you want a bigger screen and a little more capable phone to play with then you can always opt for iPhone 8 plus by adding some more Naira.

Although both the Apple phone offer 64GB internal memory.

Sale Price: Starting at ₦ 295,500

Original Price: Starting at ₦ 320,000

Get this Deal: iPhone 8 plus

Gionee A1

Gradually but surely Gionee smartphones are getting popular in Nigeria.

Which is why Gionee A1 is attracting a lot of fans in the Black Friday. With its smooth Android 7.0 Nougat performance and top notch battery life Gionee A1 will win you over instantly.

This android phone also offers 4G LTE, fingerprint sensor, a 16MP camera and a 13MP camera on the back and front respectively.

Sale Price: Starting at ₦ 91,500

Original Price: Starting at ₦ 110,000

Get this Deal: Gionee A1

But if you don’t have a budget for Gionee A1 then you can always go for Gionee A1 Lite which is not a downgrade to be honest from the A1 considering its similar battery, rear camera and display size!

In fact A1 Lite offers 20MP front camera compare to A1’s 13MP.

Sale Price: Starting at ₦ 69,500

Original Price: Starting at ₦ 75,000

Get this Deal: Gionee A1 Lite

Tecno WX3

If you are browsing best Black Friday deals in Nigeria only to search a smartphone that can fulfill your day to day needs with a decent battery life then Tecno WX3 should definitely interest you!

With a Black Friday discount of whopping 40% this android phone has garnered lots of interest in past week! 

Tecno WX3 features 5MP front and rear camera, smooth performance with Android 7.0 Nougat, 1GB RAM and 8GB internal memory.

Sale Price: Starting at ₦ 23,300

Original Price: Starting at ₦ 28,500

Get this Deal: Tecno WX3

Although only by adding few more Naira you can also opt for Tecno WX4 which is better in all areas than Tecno WX3. In fact WX4 offers Better camera, fingerprint sensor, more battery and more internal storage than WX3.

Sale Price: Starting at ₦ 30,000

Original Price: Starting at ₦ 34,000

Get this Deal: Tecno WX4

Tecno Spark K7

When an android mobile phone like Tecno Spark K7 decreases its price by 16% then you must know how fast and quick people are getting this this piece of Spark! 

This 5.5-inch mobile phone offers Android 7.0 (Nougat) with smooth performance and 2GB/1GB RAM with decent 3000 mAh battery life.

The usual price stands at around 42000 Naira, but with Black Friday discounts you can buy it around 35000 Naira which is a steal if you ask me!

Sale Price: Starting at ₦ 35,300

Original Price: Starting at ₦ 42,000

Get this Deal: Tecno Spark K7

Although only for few more Naira you can also opt for Tecno Spark Plus K9 with a bigger screen and better configuration.

If you want to buy a more capable Tecno phone, you can check out Tecno Phantom 6 too for its brilliant 5.5-inch AMOLED Display, 3GB RAM, and dual 13MP camera.

Sale Price: Starting at ₦ 60,000

Original Price: Starting at ₦ 72,500

Get this Deal: Tecno Phantom 6

Xiaomi 4X 4G

A Black Friday mobile phone list cannot be completed without Mi phones!

With an whopping discount of 45% Xiaomi 4X 4G has become a real sweetheart to a lot of Nigerians.

This great phone from Xiaomi features octa core CPU, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal memory and various types of sensors.

Sale Price: Starting at ₦ 39,700

Original Price: Starting at ₦ 68,000

Get this Deal: Xiaomi 4X 4G

You can also go for Xiaomi Redmi 4G Smartphone for spending less than Xiaomi 4X 4G but performance wise it wouldn’t be advisable.

Sale Price: Starting at ₦ 36,000

Original Price: Starting at ₦61,000

Get this Deal: Xiaomi Redmi 4G

Huawei Honor

This is not really not good but a Great news for Huawei lovers.

Because in this Black Friday Huawei has decreased its price upto 60% even for its flagship series! 

Huawei’s last release Honor 9 features 5.15 inch Full HD screen, Android 7.0 for razor sharp performance and amazing cameras both in front and rear side!

In fact it has 2 cameras in the back side! With all these qualities this android phone is now trending with an whopping 25% discount from its real price.

Sale Price: Starting at ₦ 136,800

Original Price: Starting at ₦ 189,000

Get this Deal: Honor 9

You can also opt for Honor 8 Lite for more than 60% discounts!

But if you are an Honor 6X lover then you have reasons to be happy too because it has gone down upto 40% than its original price.

Sale Price: Starting at ₦ 56,720

Original Price: Starting at ₦ 108,000

Get this Deal: Honor 6X

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