How to Avail the Best Black Friday Deals on Amazon? – Tips and Tricks

Although this year’s Black Friday falls on 24th November but Amazon is ready to go!

Only the query is how can you get the Best Black Friday Deals on Amazon?

Like every year Amazon has promised to deliver tons of deals to it’s customers can go on a post Thanksgiving shopping spree!

But not every deal is going to be a doorbuster so we have compiled a list of Tips and Tricks which will ensure how can you make the most on Black Friday Deals on Amazon.

How to get the best deals on Amazon?

Firstly, Get Amazon Prime Service

Please sign up for an Amazon Prime membership (you get a free trial) if you haven’t already because only the Prime customers will get Free Shipping and Packaging on all purchases! 

Adding to that you will get Exclusive early access to Lightning Deals, throughout the Black Friday period, between 17th – 26th November. Plus you’ll have Free Shipping for all your Christmas shopping too!

So do you need any more reasons to Sign up for Amazon Prime membership?

Secondly, Look out for Amazon Coupons

always look out for special offers, discounts or coupons on various sites or Amazon’s own coupon page!

This is why the winter holiday shopping season is very important to look out for.

Thirdly, Get 5% Cashback on any Products

Shop with a Prime Rewards credit card Because you’ll get an Amazon gift card worth up to $70 if approved for a Prime Rewards Visa card.

After that, the card gives 5% Cashback for Amazon purchases, and the points accrued can be redeemed for Amazon purchases, gift cards, travel, or cash back. Note that the card is only for Prime members.

But do not worry if you are a Non-Prime member, because Amazon has introduced a Prime Rewards credit card with 3% Cashback for non-prime members!

Fourthly, Free Shipping for Non-Prime Members

Before it was really hard for Amazon non-Prime members as to get Free Shipping they had to spend minimum $49, but now it’s just $25.

That means you can go without Prime—although it’s not prescribed since you’ll miss a lot more when you’re not a Prime Member.

Fifthly or Finally, Save and Execute

Save some money every month for and then spend them whenever you get the Best deal.

Please note that, Annually Prime subscriptions are little less ($99) than monthly ($10.99*12=$131.88).

But there is an way around that too—like you can subscribe for monthly subscriptions for 1/2 months and then cancel whenever you don’t need shop on In this way you can save some money too.

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