Heart Warming Bangla Song Tui Amar Sathe Chol from Bangla Movie Maya!

Even few years ago bangla songs or bangla song videos from bangla movies or dramas used to be memorized by a huge number of people because the songs were catchy and heart warming.

But the scenario is totally changed now, directors and producers have become so commercial that they dont even care how their songs are panning out.

They just try to make it more good looking, fill with unnecessary glamorous girls etc.

Although some people think these so called makers following the footsteps of Indian film makers but they aren’t not even good at copying since Bollywood now-a-days compete with Hollywood both in terms of business and content!

bd song tui amar sathe chol

But once in a while you do get a Bangla song to cheer about and tell your foreign friends.

Few hours ago Tiger Media has dropped such a song titled Tui Amar Sathe Chol from upcoming Bangla film Maya!

Check out the latest Bangla song video Tui Amar Sathe Chol ft Abhradipta Banerjee Here:

Bangla Music Video Tui Amar Sathe Chol Details:

Song: Tui Amar Sathe Chol
Music, Singer & Lyrics: Abhradipta Banerjee
Starring: Jovan & Nadia
Direction: Vicky Zahed

song bangla tui amar sathe chol

Cinematographer: SUMON SARKER
EDITING & COLOR: Saif Russel
Story & Screenplay: Vicky Zahed
Singers: Abhradipta Banerjee & Jajabor Rasel
Marketing: Muhammad Altamish Nabil
INTERN: Muhtasim Taqi
LINE PRODUCER: Sharif Ul Anwar Sazzan
Publicity: YfVFX
Executive Producer: KHANDAKER SUMON

Plot of the Song: To find the meaning behind a Bangla song is as similar to Americans are bound to choose between Hilary and Trump!

But this song seems to portray a story and i got most of that. It stars beautiful BD model Nadia and male Bangladeshi model cum actor Jovan.

Nadia acted as a handicapped girl throughout the song and Jovan was cheering her up, trying to take her away from her sadness.

bangla movie maya

Bangla Gaan Tui Amar Sathe Chol Reaction: The music video looks really beautiful and well organized.

The post production team did a fabulous job.

Both Nadia and Jovan are looking believable as a lovely couple who have gone through a terrible accident but trying to recover.

The singing of Abhradipta Banerjee sounds really mellow to me and could have been better!

bangla gaan tui amar sathe chol

Bangla Music Tui Amar Sathe Chol Review: As i have said earlier the video quality is top notch with some forgivable mistakes here and there.

But the main negative point must be the acting of Nadia who had the chance to outshine her all previous performances but she failed with a flying color!

She did look beautiful but did she look believable as a handicapped woman? the answer is a resounding NO.

Jovan’s role didnt have much to offer but he did his part eloquently.

The girl at the end appeared as the ghosts usually appear in the end of horror movies which is another glaring mistake in my view.

She should have been cut out. All in all this was a great attempt to make a cool looking music video and the people behind this actually did.

So in my ratings Tui Amar Sathe Chol gets [yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”]

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