Audience Review: Lucknow Central Trailer ft Farhan Akhtar

Since Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Farhan Akhtar has been praised in all of his outing as an actor and the latest Lucknow Central Trailer shows every bit of it!

The plot of the movies follows Kishen Mohan Girhotra who is a young man belongs to Moradabad, a city in Uttar Pradesh.

One fateful day, Kishen gets accused of murder which lands him in Lucknow Central Jail where he’s awaiting his High Court trial for a death penalty.

Meanwhile, a diligent NGO worker Gayatri Kashyap, is compelled to form a Band of Prisoners for the band competition which is to be held in the dreaded jail of ‘Lucknow Central’ that year and this is how Kishen’s and her paths cross.

Kishen befriends 4 other inmates, Dikkat Ansari, Victor Chattopahdyay, Purushottam Pandit, Parminder Trehan and convinces them to join the band.

The dramatic narrative of Lucknow Central portrays how Kishen’s life progresses in jail and how music becomes an intricate part of not only his journey, but the rest of the band’s as well.

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What the Audience are saying about Lucknow Central Trailer

Simran Sandhu says “It’s like the Indian version+ of Prison Break with our Punjabi superstar, Gippy Grewal – This is gonna break records! Although I think he deserved more screen space in the trailer.”

Mr IY says “Ladies and Gentleman The dark version of Rock on is here!”

suzette josephs “farhaan akhtar naal sada gippy grewal oye hoyee ghaint ustaad”

Farooq Jatt “Sirf gippy di waja tu ayaa main trailer wekhan…Atey gippy g da sirf 2 sec da scene …bara he afsos hoya wae…Ha manya k Hindi nae aundi gippy nu lekin katto kat Aur zyada scenes te hunda kyunke hun lil he j leya j film wech te scene v payo maro oday…”


ishan malhotra says “how normal person sees this trailer – Farhan Akhtar , Deepak Dobriyal , Ronit Roy
How Punjabi sees it – like for gippy garewal”

Back Benchers says “Gippy 22 de fan Hajri lao like karke… Support Karo Apne 22 nu….#kattad #Fan #Haryana …Only for gippy grewal…”

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