Video Rumor: Apu Biswas is Getting Married Very Soon!

Believe it or not a close friend of Apu Biswas has confirmed us that Apu Biswas has finally said yes for marriage! Although the source hasnt confirmed the name of the fortunate groom! Before this Apu was related to Shakib Khan for hundreds of times in various magazines and online news portals though none of them proved to be true!

Check out the video below about Apu Biswas marriage:

Apu Biswas was born in Bogra, Bangladesh in 1983. She made her debut in the film industry with the film Kal Sokale in 2006. Her performance in Koti Takar Kabin was well-received and helped her to establish a permanent position in Dhallywood. In many of her films she has co-starred with Shakib Khan. The duo of Shakib and Apu became one of the most popular movie couples in the Bangladeshi film industry.

After making her acting debut in the 2006 romantic film Koti Takar Kabin, Apu Biswas’ early years in the film industry were very successful. In 2007, she starred in the films Dadima, Pitar Ason and Amar Jaan Amar Pran. Dadima was extremely popular and was the highest grossing Bangladeshi film of 2006. After that, she starred in such successful Bangladeshi films as Bhalobaslei Ghor Badha Jay Na, Number One Shakib Khan, and King Khan. She played the role of Parvati in the 2013 Bangladeshi remake of Devdas. Her 2013 film My Name Is Khan was also successful at the box office. She has established herself as one of Bangladesh’s most high-profile celebrities.

Actress Apu Biswas came in cinema by her first movie “Kal Sakale” directed Amjad Hossain in 2004. She acted as a central actress in “ Koti takar kabin” directed by F.I Manik in 2006. In this movie Shakib Khan worked as a co-actor. By this film Apu Bishwas established her position strongly. After, She introduced some hit movie such as ” Pitar Ason, Chachchu, Dadima, Miya Barir Chakor, Jonmo Tomar jonno, Mayer Hate Behester Chabi etc. She acted about 50 movies, among them out of 40 movies against Shakib khan.

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