29+ Victoria Stein Gorgeous Photos and Video | Miss World Chile 2017

World’s Longest country Chile has always send tremendous beauties into the beauty pageants!

This year’s Victoria Stein is no exception! Victoria is currently studying Business Administration.

She is a member of the debate team and was the winner of two debate championships in the US.

She also runs her own Tour Agency in Chile, which caters for clients from cruise ships.

She enjoys reading Science Fiction and cross fit and has a talent for singing and playing the guitar.

Victoria is also passionate about dogs and often helps abandoned dogs find homes.

Her proudest moment was when she started her business.

Age (in 2017): 22

Height: 176

Occupation: Student (Business Administration) / Singer

languages: Spanish, English

Personal Motto: ‘Always share knowledge.’

Now Check out 29+ photos of gorgeous Miss World Chile 2017 Victoria Stein:

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