27+ Sarah Chvala Hot Photos to Surprise | Miss World Austria 2017

For the last 10 years Austrian girls haven’t won anything in renowned beauty pageants but this time they are really hopeful with Sarah Chvala in the back.

Sarah Chvala is currently working as a makeup artist and has worked in special effects.

She has ambitions to open her own make up school and becoming a world-renowned make-up artist.

She has an interest in jazz and ballet and can perform floor gymnastics.

Sarah is an avid dog lover and enjoys being spontaneous.

Her proudest moment was holding her younger sister for the first time.

Age (in 2017): 23

Height: 171

Occupation: Makeup artist

languages: German, English, Slovak, French, Spanish

Personal Motto: ‘Every experience is worth it, good or bad.’

Check out more amazing photos of miss world Austria Sarah Chvala:

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